Switch to the New Era of Scootering

Odysse has designed the best electric scooter for you, Racer. It is innovative with its sleek design and supported with high-tech features and performance.

Smart and Stylish Drive

Experience a new style sensation with the brand-new electronic scooter. Make your own riding signature on the roads. Feel the flexibility in riding and create some ever-memorable moments. Racer comes in seven colours to select from. Select the right colours based on your aesthetic taste, preference, and values. Get the latest features, including handbrake, USB charging, keyless entry, and anti-theft lock. Feel the breeze of a smart and stylish drive.

  • A Ride
    No Other
  • 4.2
    Seconds From 0-45km/hr
  • 45
    KM/H Max Speed
  • 0
    No Harmful Emissions
The Right Speed on the Road

Racer is the dreamt scooter of college-going students and office workers. It gives a decent speed of 45 Km per hour to enjoy the ride every second on the road. The unbeatable style and look make you feel proud and thrilled on the wheels.


Lovely Long Rides

Drive a distance of 75 km with a single charge and battery gets fully charged in just 3.5 hours! Enjoy a safer, smarter, and easier drive with three-speed options to select from as per your need. Charge the battery at any 3-pin socket.


Safe Overtaking with A Style

With a speed of 45 Km and superb slipstream design, Racer moves closely behind the other vehicles with full control. Love overtaking in new style supported with added safety.

Amazing Assortment

Racer comes with an amazing assortment of features. Experience a magical line of balance between height, weight, width, length, wheelbase, and loading capacity for natural handling that goes beyond the expectations.

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Ex-Showroom Prices
Rs. 76,000*

  • USB Charging

  • Anti Acceleration Lock

  • Hand Brake

Get a Seamless Driving Experience with Odysse Racer Electric Scooter
Odysse covers you from the challenging & critical decision of choosing the best scooter amongst the various electric scooter options available in the market. After studying and researching all the electric scooters, we have designed the best one for you.

Racer electric scooter, is equipped with high-tech features and performance. So, without giving a second thought, buy the Odysse racer electric scooter to get a seamless experience.

Here are some of the features of the Racer electric scooter that you will not want to miss-

It is equipped with an intelligent controller, a 1200W motor, and 1.44KW detachable Li-ion battery to provide you with the best ride quality on any surface terrain.

This racer electric scooter allows you to drive for a range of 75 Kms at a speed of 45 km per charge

Get a seamless driving experience with the lightest and best-looking Electric scooter in the market.

It’s distinguished looks makes it suitable for Office going daily user as well as stylish college going student.

The scooter offers Three-speed options to operate as per your need

Get the ease of charging the battery of your racer electric scooter at home with a normal 3 pin socket charger*.

Get a warranty of *36 months on the Racer electric scooter Li-ion battery and have seamless riding experience.

The service facility for the scooter is available across many cities in India. All these features of the Racer electric scooter make it an extraordinary choice. Further, the scooter’s price is highly competitive, which serves as another reason to buy this racer electric scooter. Avail great offers and benefit with racer electric scooter booking from the company’s website. Buy and start falling in love with the functionality and performance of this Racer electric scooter.