How to Take Care of Your Electric Two-wheeler During This Lockdown Period

The COVID-19 situation has impacted almost every sphere of human life. We, humans, are going through a really tough time. But we know that we will get through this pandemic situation together and things will be normal again. This is why many people are getting themselves ready for the normal life which they will begin after all of this. This also includes taking care of your vehicle so that you don’t have to face any problem when you have to begin your daily routine again in the post-corona world. That’s why in this blog, we will discuss how you can take care of your electric two-wheeler in this lockdown phase so that you can reduce the Covid-19 impact on electric vehicles and enjoy the smooth rides even after all this ends. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Disconnect the battery of your vehicle:

Nowadays, there comes a wide range of e-scooters, which are designed to cater to the different kinds of customer needs. However, most of them are equipped with the feature of disconnecting their battery whenever a need arises. And by that need, we mean the need which we are facing right now. The Majority of the e-scooters and e-bike models come with a detachable lithium-ion battery. Thus, simple advice for you is to remove the connections of your e-scooter from the battery of the vehicle. This will help in avoiding the depletion of your vehicle’s battery, thus ensuring it remains long-lasting in the future.

  • Charge your electric two-wheeler after every three to four days:

Idle draining is the common feature of any battery and an electric scooter battery is no exception in this case. This, we advise you to charge your electric scooter’s battery every three to four days. Many people think that if you have parked your electric vehicle for many days, then there is no need to charge it as it is not being used for riding purposes. But that’s not the case. When an electric vehicle is parked for prolonged days, the battery still drains and that too, not at a slow pace. So, never forget to charge your battery twice a week, if you want to ride it without any worry after the lockdown phase is over.

  • In case of in-built battery with your vehicle, always opt for MCB off mode:

Many electric scooters come with the lead-acid batteries, which are usually equipped with an MCB off mode. When you off the MCB mode, then it turns off the vehicle completely. This MCB off option is very much convenient especially when the vehicle has to be parked for a long time.

  • Use cover for your vehicle:

You should find the most appropriate parking space for your vehicle and it will be much better if you have a covered parking space. If you are not having such kind of parking spots, then we recommend you use the cover for your two-wheeler, which will protect your scooter from the dust and direct sunlight. This may sound a simple habit but is very useful.

All the above mentioned were the tips which you should follow in this lockdown period for taking care of your electric two-wheeler to reduce the coronavirus effect on electric vehicles. After all, we are talking about your riding partner.

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