The Future Is Here

With Hawk, you can now make your city pollution-free! The smart energy performance allows you to have fun without affecting the planet.

Ride Smart Everyday

Hawk e-scooter is everything that you need for a smart ride around the city. It is stylish and lightweight, which makes your ride easy. The unique design stands out in the crowd. Built with international standards, hawk e-scooter offers robust telescopic front suspension fork without a lockout. What else, it comes with the anti-theft alarm, USB charging, Music system, side stand sensor etc. Go green with Hawk and save money on fuel!

  • A Ride
    No Other
  • 6.5
    Seconds From 0-45KM/H
  • 45
    KM/H Max Speed
  • 0
    No Harmful Emissions
Ultra-Compact Power

Hawk e-scooter has a strong alloy frame, and it comes with a battery package of 28Ah giving mileage of 70 km/ charge. It comes with sealed lead acid battery and 1800 watt motor. It offers the best quality ride on both flat and steep terrains.


Go Further Ride Longer

With every charge, you can run the Hawk e-scooter at 70 +km range with a top speed of 45 kmph. With just a single charge, you are good to go for the day. The scooter is perfect for your local rides in and around the city. No need to look for gas and petrol stations as one charge at home can take you places. Charge the battery at night and you are set for the next day!



We designed everything around you. Sitting in Perfectly balanced weight distribution, riders experience the most natural handling imaginable. Your HAWK becomes an extension of you

Ex-Showroom Prices
Rs. 76,500*

  • Anti-Theft Lock

  • Keyless Entry

  • Music System

If you are looking for a best electric scooter then, Hawk electric scooter is the right choice to make. Hawk e scooter with its stylish and lightweight style makes your city drive incredibly easy and lot more fun.

Extraordinary Built Quality

Hawk, is one of the Solid and best-looking electric scooters in the market. Designed and built with international standards.

3-levels of operation

Hawk is powered by 1800 Watt motor and is equipped with three riding mode for driver to select depending on the terrain and route. The smooth acceleration and no vibration makes riding Hawk E-scooter an exciting experience.

Convenience and safety

The hawk electric scooter comes with the Anti-theft alarm. The scooter throttle mode is designed and built in a manner that will work only when the bike is off the side stand. Thus, it helps avoid injuries or damages due to the accidental use of the throttle feature of the bike while parked at the office, home or any place with people around.


The Hawk electric Scooter comes with a warranty of 12 months on all components.*