Evolution of Redefined Driving Experience

Make a fantastic start to a new future of pollution-free riding experience. Keep the massive look and dynamic style of bike ride with Evoqis, the brand-new electronic bike.

Create New Driving Statement

Look stylish on bike and enjoy smarter rides every day. Evoqis comes in five amazing colours to arrest your eyes and hearts. Create a new driving statement on the roads with the favorite colour of your taste and preference. The attractive look and best in class design make you fall in love with Evoqis in the first look. Excellent and exceptional safety and durability make the bike accessible by anyone and everyone.

  • A Ride
    No Other
  • 4.2
    Seconds From 0-50KM/H
  • 80
    KM/H Max Speed
  • 0
    No Harmful Emissions
Best in Acceleration and Speed

Evoqis accelerates the speed from 0 to 50 km/h in just 4.2 seconds! Experience the real power of an electric bike with its muscular and best-looking body with a top speed of 80 km/hr.


Great Moments on Road

Get the battery 100% charged in just 5 hours! Go further and ride longer to create unforgettable riding moments with 100 plus Kms in a single charge.


Stylish Overtaking

Evoqis comes with the best in slipstream designs. Follow any other vehicles closely with full control. Enjoy safe overtaking on roads with thrill unlimited.


The bike is loaded with a decent amount of perfectly balanced features. Experience an exceptional line of balance between height, length, weight, comfortable seating, and stylish riding. Evoqis is not different from you, it is a part of you!

Ex-Showroom Prices
Rs. 1,57,000*

  • Anti-Theft Lock

  • Keyless Entry

  • Music System

Bring the change with Evoqis Electric Bike
Contribute to making your country Green with well designed and smart looking Evoqis electric bike. Save the environment and ensure a healthy life. Buy Evoqis electric bike and drive the change while contributing to a safer and healthy planet. Evoqis electric bikes is the future of electric mobility.

The people realizing the worth and necessity of the electric bike have started their bookings for it. Evoqis electric bike offers excellent durability and safety, making it accessible by anyone and everyone.

Benefits of the Evoqis electric bike

Reduces Expense

By doing a one -time investment on an Evoqis electric bike, you can save a lot in the long run. With the rising price of petrol and diesel in the city, it is better to buy Evoqis electric bike whose best in class design and attractive looks will allow you to drive for a 100+ Kms per charge and having top speed of 80 km/hr

Assisted Biking

The Evoqis electric bike from has got a battery-powered fully-electric mode that gives you a boost. With the fully-electric boost, you can choose from Two levels of speed based on your needs. The bike is programmed in a manner that you get the best riding experience on both flat and steep terrains. So, you need not worry about those roads anymore. It comes with a quick charge battery and 3000 W motor.

Durable and Well designed

The Evoqis electric bike from comes with an durable and well tested alloy frame. Build and designed to meet international standards; the bike is one of a kind in the market with its muscular and best-looking body.

Coming from one of India’s most trusted brand, the Evoqis electric bike bookings have already begun. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Evoqis electric biketoday and avail all it benefits for a smooth and comfortable drive.